Fun With Drums

Our Drums Mean More than Business

Our 55 gallon steel drums are not only the best way to transport materials for businesses, but are the basis of a lot of fun projects. The Fun With Drums page is dedicated to all the cool things that can be done with drums. From grills to rain barrels, or art projects to home improvement, this page is jam-packed with inspiration. Also, we love seeing new ideas and enjoy hearing your feedback. Please let us know if there are any drum-related projects that may be of interest to you!

Here is an innovative use for a 55 Gallon Steel Drum

The design was created by Mr. Richard Sink and is patent pending. Richard, as well as being the designer and inventor of The Ultimate Toolbox, is a mechanic born and bred. He has been running his own car repair business for the last 30 years based on the South Coast of England (UK). He is also a consultant to the classic car industry, principally specializing in MGís and Miniís.

The main reason he decided to develop The Ultimate Toolbox was simply to make life far easier for mechanics and other serious tool users.

So what makes The Ultimate Toolbox so revolutionary?

ULTRA EASY ACCESS: View all your tools in an instant. Simply slide open the door and rotate the drum mechanism at the flick of a finger!

SAFE, CONVENIENT AND TIME SAVING: You can leave this toolbox open while you work. There are no sharp edges here or having to open and shut drawers all the time.

ITíS MOBILE: It has wheels with locks, so you can quickly and efficiently move your tools around your workstation or garage e.g. ideal for clearing an area quickly for the next vehicle repair or test.

STRONG AND DURABLE: This is not merely a hollowed out oil drum. It has been engineered and reinforced throughout, thus making it incredibly robust.

RECYCLED: This design principally uses a recycled oil drum making it environmentally friendly.

ADAPTABLE: This can be produced in a number of sizes and variations to suit your needs.

Sigma Zeta Fraternity 100 year anniversary party

When Sigma Zeta fraternity at Wilmington College in Ohio was having their 100 year anniversary party, these drums were made to warm up the outdoor party. Drums can make excellent burn barrels if cut properly to allow for air flow. These drums were a big hit with the hundreds of alumni who attended the event.