Frequently-Asked Questions


Whether it’s a question about how All Things Drums works or you need help with understanding UN Ratings on drums, we’ve listed the answers to these questions and many more below. If for some reason you haven’t found the answer to your question, please feel free to email us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Click on a question to toggle (show or hide) its answer.

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How does All Things Drums work?
All Things Drums is a one-stop-shop for all of your steel drum and industrial packaging needs. Unlike other retailers, we sell small quantities directly to end users. We’re not a distributor or seller of refurbished items. Rather, we specialize in helping you find the right packaging solution for your business or project. ATD brings you only the highest-quality packaging supplies and materials in the industry to give you exactly what you need.
What are steel drums used for?
55 gallon drums are the most versatile and reliable industrial packaging solutions in the world. Drums can transport almost anything, from raw materials to finished product, safely and securely. The advanced strength and durability of steel drums makes them the perfect packaging solution for a wide variety of applications.
What kind of materials can I transport in drums?
While almost anything that can fit in a drum can be transported in a drum, they are primarily designed for liquids, fluids and dry materials.
Do I need a liner for my drum? If so, what kind of liner do I need?
Liners are used for products that can’t be stored against a raw metal surface. For example, water-based materials create rust on the inside of the drum and many other products can be damaged by reacting with the metal surface. Contact us with questions about your specific material to determine if you need a liner.
Do I need an agitator for my drum?
Agitators are used to mix products within the drum at the final location. This allows you to dispense product directly from a drum in an already-mixed state. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.
Who makes your drums?
All of our steel drums are manufactured in Cleveland, OH by North Coast Container, the leading industry provider of 55 gallon steel drums. NCC has an unparalleled reputation for high-quality, reliability and constant product innovation. This manufacturing partnership ensures that you receive only the best quality drums for your application...not cheap imitations or second-hand rehabs.
What do the UN markings mean?
The UN markings are a code that defines what kind of materials the drum is designed to hold. UN markings are broken down into several elements, each one referring to a different aspect of hazardous materials packaging.
  1. United Nations Symbol
  2. Packaging Identification Codes
  3. Packaging Group Level Equivalent
  4. Gross Mass or Specific Gravity
  5. Hydrostatic Test Pressure
  6. Year and Location of Manufacture
  7. Identification of the Manufacturer or Approval Agency
The chart below shows how each element of the UN markings work within the complete code.

UN Markings Legend

Contact us to learn more about UN markings for your drum.

How soon will I get my order?
Orders usually process in about 48 hours from the time of order completion. We ship via FedEx Ground, UPS and other competitive shipping resources depending on which resource is most cost effective for our customers. We provide customers with appropriate tracking information via e-mail. Actual shipping and arrival times depend on your location.
What if I need help?
We’re always here to help. Just head over to our Contact Us page and drop us a line. We’ll answer questions, assist you with product selections or just help you with any packaging needs you may have.